1/2" Easy Loc Female Hose Tee

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  • John - Jul 24th 2020

    Great tee for driplines

    The 1/2" easy Loc Female Hose Tees are superior to the old compression style hose tees I have used in the past. My wife had a difficult time getting the dripline into the compression tees, not so with Easy Loc's. Great product and great value.

  • Susan - May 1st 2020


    Put a little dish soap on the end and it is easy to install. Great product!!

  • Carl R - Jul 20th 2018

    Just What I Needed

    Had a hose fitting Tee fail on my existing irrigation system. While I had to adapt the easy-lok side of the fitting to my exsisting system tubing (different diameter) I did so with additional drip works easy-lok fittings I already had on hand, without any difficulty. These easy-lok fittings are the best.

  • John - Sep 20th 2017

    Easy Locs

    The easy loc dripline couplers are simply the best.


This Easy Loc tee has a convenient female hose swivel to attach any male hose fitting. Commonly used to branch off of a hose bib where two mainlines are needed.

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