1/2" Easy Loc Elbow

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  • Todd - Apr 3rd 2021

    Great product

    It's a pretty simple device, but it works well. It is sized to work with the 0.600 mainline tubing. If like me, you've gone through multiple varieties of "1/2" tubing, it's really nice to have proven products that work together.

  • Frank - Apr 3rd 2021


    Work like a charm

  • Carlos - Mar 26th 2021

    Check the catalog

    I recommend before purchase anything, first look for the catalog in PDF and make sure you order everything you will need. Good quality materials. Love the easy loc products

  • Dion - Jan 15th 2021

    Great client service

    There was an issue with my order, and customer service sorted it out immediately.

  • Nina - Dec 15th 2020

    Great product

    These are very easy to use but very sturdy

  • James - Sep 2nd 2020

    Easy Loc Elbow

    Great consistent quality, just like all of the other DripWorks fittings! No more kinks in my drip tape!

  • Joe - Aug 31st 2020

    Quality Product

    Everything works as stated. Shipped on time and properly packaged. Will be buying more. Thank you kindly, Joe

  • Robert - Aug 10th 2020

    Works great.

    Was able to use this to straighten out some runs, and it grips really well, unlike a similar item I had given to me last year. I have yet to find an item from Dripworks that isn't good quality.

  • Greg - Aug 4th 2020

    1/2" easy loc elbow

    I have used a number of easy loc fittings and have never had a problem with any of them. They are very easy to use and are leak tight.

  • Constance - Jul 28th 2020

    Fast service

    I placed on order on line and received it within a few days.


The Easy Loc elbow is used to make 90-degree turn that would normally kink the tubing. Easy Loc fittings are the best drip irrigation fittings available.

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