1/2" Easy Loc Elbow

1/2" Easy Loc Elbow

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The Easy Loc elbow is used to make 90-degree turn that would normally kink the tubing. Easy Loc fittings are the best drip irrigation fittings available.

Customer Reviews

Great product
It's a pretty simple device, but it works well. It is sized to work with the 0.600 mainline tubing. If like me, you've gone through multiple varieties of "1/2" tubing, it's really nice to have proven products that work together.
Work like a charm
Check the catalog
I recommend before purchase anything, first look for the catalog in PDF and make sure you order everything you will need. Good quality materials. Love the easy loc products
Great client service
There was an issue with my order, and customer service sorted it out immediately.
Great product
These are very easy to use but very sturdy
Easy Loc Elbow
Great consistent quality, just like all of the other DripWorks fittings! No more kinks in my drip tape!
Quality Product
Everything works as stated. Shipped on time and properly packaged. Will be buying more. Thank you kindly,
Works great.
Was able to use this to straighten out some runs, and it grips really well, unlike a similar item I had given to me last year. I have yet to find an item from Dripworks that isn't good quality.
1/2" easy loc elbow
I have used a number of easy loc fittings and have never had a problem with any of them. They are very easy to use and are leak tight.
Fast service
I placed on order on line and received it within a few days.
Truly Is "Easy"
I love the Easy Loc products and this one lives up to all of the others I've used. All you do is slide it into the DripWorks supply line, twist, and you're done! No fighting to force barbed ends into the line, no metal clamps to screw on. The EasyLoc products are the best and work perfectly with DripWorks supply line, which I also find easier to use than other brands.
Easy to use. No leaks!
These are the best fittings I’ve found and very easy to use. Thanks!
Victory Gardens x6
What began last year as a multiple year project to build six raised gardens readily became an escape from boredom during the Chinese virus epidemic. I ordered a medium garden kit via Amazon and then multiple additional parts to service the completed six gardens. The various products have been flawless. I was able feed the 1/2” tubes under the base 4x6 timbers and up an inside corner. Did not consequently need the 1/4” elbow connectors. No leaks. Good drips. Happy Bride. Need more projects!
Easy Loc
The Easy Loc connectors are amazing! Easy to install and best of all, they can be reused. I'll use no other connector for the rest of my gardening life!
Works exactly as needed, and so easily installed it literally took only a minute. DripWorks is perfect for my very large home garden.
1/2” Easy Loc elbow
I have been using Dripworks products for many years and my initial installation is still working perfectly. The Easyloc system is just that “easy to use” and very durable more so than any other product I have used
Works great
These work great. Goes together easily. When the plan changes it is easy to move them, especially when the pipe soften on a warm day.
This product works as it should. The entire line of Easy Loc products are much easier to use than traditional compression type fittings.
1/2" Easy Loc fittings
Great fittings, easy to use. I like all these easy loc fittings because they are reusable and the end caps are nicer than the "figure 8" tube ends that fold over the tube to seal the end. Only bummer is they are only available from DripWorks so make sure you buy extra for your project cuz they are cheap!
It works
Works as described, good product. No leaks.
1/2" Easy Loc Elbow made it EASY!
I had to route the 1/2" main line tubing around my garden shed and the 1/2" Easy Loc Elbow made it effortless! Nice and snug. Thanks Drip Works!!
best drip irrigation
I have been using Drip Works for years. Over that time I have purchase similar drip irrigation equipment from the box stores. It is not the same. The quality is not the same. The ease of use is not the same. The variety is not the same. I made some major adjustments to the garden this year and decided to redo the entire drip system. I am very happy that I was able to find the right products for the right applications in the garden at a great cost! Highly recommend!
Easy Loc Elbow
Used the 3/4 before on main line tubing. When used on 1/2 inch 9 inch spacing drip line a little difficult to get completely seated into the fitting due to the flex of the tubing near the emitters. Got the job done and happy with the end result and no leaks.
Great service
Got what I needed quickly
Love the Easy Loc Fittings
These are the best fittings, so easy to use and the nice thing is that you can reuse them, if needed.
Outstanding Service
Dripworks offers a service I can't find locally, that it, automated irrigation and everything associated with plumbing it in, like pvc adapters and hose accessories. They responded immediately and had good customer service, which made all the difference.
I Love Dripworks
Just got these new elbows and parts to expand my drip irrigation. Great products, great company.
Great system
The Easy Lock system works great and is so easy to install. I'm 72 and I had no problem setting up the whole system and getting it working. I will be back for more items in the future.
Drip tape elbows
Although I finally found what the other company didn't have, I am still going to have to make some adjustments to them for them to work.
Great product
I recently purchased materials to do a mini spray system in my 30' X 48' greenhouse. All of the products were of high quality and worked great and were easy to insall.
Usual excellent delivery !
These easy lock fittings are the best, reusable and if you make a mistake, just undo them and try again! Just remember, it’s an opposite thread.....lefty tighty, righty loosely!
Love dripwirks. Easy to install and use
1/2" easy loc elbow
Easy to use and faster then using barbed elbows with no chance of leaks.
Easy loc fittings
Easy loc fittings work better than any other fittings.
Easy loc elbow
Love these! Makes putting a system together a piece of cake.
Makes my life easier
Since we installed dripworks system in our home garden, it has made my life easier. I don't have to get up as early to water the garden. It is already done for me when I get up. Timer is easy to set and update. Love it we will be installing it in our greenhouse garden when we get it finished.
EZ Loc Elbow
Need a few extra elbows for my main line hose - these work great and were delivered promptly.

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