1/2" Easy Loc Coupler With Valve

1/2" Easy Loc Coupler With Valve

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This Easy Loc valve has an easy to grip handle that opens and closes a full port valve. Commonly used to isolate watering areas.

Customer Reviews

Drip Tape accessories
shipping was fast and parts good quality
Handle breaks off
Have a bunch of these that have been in the ground for a few years. The handles have started to break off when trying to turn on or off. Had this happen on three, so far. Twisting the handle causes it to tear off, i.e., the valve is so difficult to turn that the handle breaks off before the valve opens or closes. Very discouraging and difficult to replace valve in an existing installation.
Always great
I have used this products for many years and I am never disappointed. Great product.
1/2" Easy Loc Coupler With Valve
excellent product, able to reduce/shutoff additional drip tape extensions.
Love love love
I am in my second year of using and adding on to my dripworks system.I have five raised bed vegetable gardens that have been so successful because of the watering system. I have small fruit trees in pots that are also part of the drip system. They are thriving as well. This year I have been adding on drip line to cover my ornamental trees and bushes.
Grip works has the best products! I have received excellent customer service when I had some questions. I have recommended them to a number of gardening friends. I hope they have taken advantage of this wonderful company
Best connectors I've found!!
I have been installing numerous drip systems or repairing existing this summer and Dripworks has the best and easiest connectors for the 1/2" tubing and their 1/4" tubing is the easiest to connect that I have found, not as stiff as other brands, highly recommend their products, you will love them!
It's a valve!
What can I say, it works and it's easy to install
Just What I Needed!
These are great valves! Yon can cut them in any where that you need them!!
Just What I Needed!
These valves are great! I use them to control unused zones in my greenhouses!
Long Cane Farm LLC
A great company with great products .
Just wish the shipping costs weren’t so high
1/2" Easy Loc Coupler with Valve
Recieved order promptly. Everything was as ordered. I've ordered/used these before and so far, none have failed. I have a large home orchard and have switched over my entire irrigation system to Dripworks. Very satisfied.
Easy to use, works great
The 1/2" Easy Loc fittings are the absolute best. easy to install and reuse. Works better than other 1/2" drip fittings.
life made easy
DripWorks is my "go to" yard store. Have not found one problem yet that can't be fixed by something from DripWorks. The Easy Loc System is just that easy and complete and durable. Nothing more to ask for that that.
Easy loc coupler with valve
Awesome addition to any irrigation system, great to redirect or segregation of specific zones.
Dripworks is the Best
As others have noted easy to install and they continue to operate with little effort after years outside in the northeast winters etc.
Excellent service
Control the flow
These are great couplers that allow one to easily adjust the flow of water to your plants.
I love Dripworks!
We have been using Dripworks since they were a small company. During those years since we have lived in two houses where we used Dripworks products. The only issues are wild rabbits chewing holes in T-Tape.
EZ Loc Valve
Easy to install, works great....
Solid, easy to use, lasts years even in full sun.
A great valve that holds up to higher pressures and is super easy to install compared to compression fittings. Recommended as we have one to control each zone in our drip system.
ez lock fittings
I love the ez lock fittings!
Easy does it!!
I'll watch DIY videos from now on, HOW EASY It was to Connect, after I knew how.

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