1/2" Easy Loc Coupler With Valve

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  • William Bentley - May 25th 2022

    Excellent valve for drip irrigation

    The valve is easy to install and works great. I am so glad that I found it.

  • Gil - May 25th 2021

    Second time purchase

    I still had alot of questions which were promptly answered! Good service!

  • Linelle - Apr 29th 2021

    Only place I buy from

    Dripworks' fittings are far and away above the quality of HD or Ace.

  • Steve - Apr 24th 2021

    Works well

    Works as described, easy to install.

  • Corinne - Apr 23rd 2021

    Control Rules

    I use these couplers on my lateral lines for a gravity fed drip irrigation system. I love being able to turn off each lateral line that I am not using to assure that I am delivering targeted water to each row of trees and perennials. The valve is easy to install, re-use in subsequent years and disassemble if needed. This is only my second year, but I don’t have any complaints.

  • Donna - Apr 22nd 2021

    The Best

    If it weren't for Easy Loc I wouldn't be able to assemble my drip system.

  • Linda - Mar 5th 2021

    Drip Tape accessories

    shipping was fast and parts good quality

  • Roger - Feb 11th 2021

    Handle breaks off

    Have a bunch of these that have been in the ground for a few years. The handles have started to break off when trying to turn on or off. Had this happen on three, so far. Twisting the handle causes it to tear off, i.e., the valve is so difficult to turn that the handle breaks off before the valve opens or closes. Very discouraging and difficult to replace valve in an existing installation.

  • Elida - Nov 30th 2020

    Always great

    I have used this products for many years and I am never disappointed. Great product.

  • Kirby - Sep 24th 2020

    1/2" Easy Loc Coupler With Valve

    excellent product, able to reduce/shutoff additional drip tape extensions.


This Easy Loc valve has an easy to grip handle that opens and closes a full port valve. Commonly used to isolate watering areas.

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