What are emitters?
Can I bury emitters?
If an emitter replaced with a goof plug still leaks what can I do?
What could be causing my emitters to clog?
What does pressure compensating mean?
What can I do about emitters that gradually clog?
How do I replace or repair leaky emitters, or I just don't want to water at that spot any more?
Can I go from a hose start right into DET without a mainline?
Can I replace or repair an emitter?
What pressure do emitters need to work?
How many emitters can be put on one line?
Are my DTA1 emitters adjustable?
Why do my emitters keep clogging?
Can I use emitters with pressure less than 10 PSI?
What is the difference between non-pressure compensating and pressure compensating (PC) emitters?
What does pressure compensating mean?
Over time my emitters gradually clog. What can I do about this?

Fertilizer Injectors
Can I replace the dip tube in my 1 gallon EZ-Flo unit (IEZ1GUP)?
Can I use pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals in my EZ Flo injector system?
How much fertilizer should I put in my EZ-Flo injector tank?
I am using a diluted organic fertilizer, but I can't tell if my injector is working. What can I do?
What is a fertilizer injector?
Do I need to flush my system after I fertilize?
Is it OK to use organic fertilizers in an injector with a drip system?
How do I choose which fertilizer injector to purchase?
What types of fertilizers are the best to use?
I turn on my EZ-Flo injection system and no fertilizer seems to be coming out while water is coming in. What should I do?
If I fertilize every time I water will I over-fertilize with an EZ-Flo?
Does the fertilizer get weaker as my EZ-Flo system operates?
How do I know when the tank of my EZ-Flo injector is ready to refill?
Can I use dry fertilizers with a fertilizer injector?
Do I need back flow protection with my fertilizer injector?
Can I use acids, caustics and abrasives with my fertilizer injector?
Do I need to pre-filter water for my injector?
Can I use fish emulsion in my fertilizer injector for a drip system?
Is it necessary to flush an injector before and after use?
Is more maintenance involved in using organic fertilizers with a fertilizer injector compared to using chemical fertilizers?
Can I apply organic teas with my fertilizer injector?
Will organic fertilizers clog my Drip Tape?
Which injector offers the most precise dosing?
Which fertilizer injector would you recommend for a small garden?
What types of fertilizers can I inject into my drip system?
Do I install my Mazzei injector before or after my filter?

What size mesh screen do I need for my filter?
Is a filter required on a drip system?
What does a filter do?
How often does a filter need to be cleaned?
How does the flush valve on the filter work?
Where is the filter installed?
Can a filter screen be replaced or repaired?
How do I choose the right filter?
How do I choose the right filter screen?

What is the difference between hose thread and pipe thread?
Can fittings be buried?
What if my fitting is leaking?
Can I go from a PVC to an Easy Loc?
What type of fittings should I use for the drip system I am planning?
Can fittings be reused?
Will fittings work with different types of tubing?
What is the difference between your compression and Easy Loc fittings?
Do I need to use hose clamps on my barbed insert fittings?
I find it really hard to remove my 1/4" tubing from my 14QCCP fittings
How do I connect my garden hose to my 3/4" pipe-thread ball valve?
I thought that my fittings were hose thread but they appear to be finer and there is no place for a hose washer. How do I seal these connections?
I have tubing I purchased somewhere else. It is smaller than the standard Easy-Loc fittings. Do you have a smaller Easy-Loc fitting that will work with my tubing?
Are your Easy Loc fittings compatible with tubing I purchased elsewhere?
What size tubing will compression fittings work with?

Frost Protection
How far apart do I place my AgHoops?
Once I have covered my row crops with Agribon, how do I anchor the row cover?
How many degrees of frost protection can I expect to get from Agribon?
How much light penetration can I expect with Agribon?
How long can I expect Agribon row cover to last?

How long does it take for magnets to start working?

Are misters for watering, cooling, or both?
Why do misters drip after I turn them off?
Why do misters require a higher pressure?
Can I invert misters?
How far apart should I place misters or sprayers?
What adapter do you need to attach the Superfine Misting Nozzles to 1/4" tubing or mainline tubing?

Pressure Regulators
Do I have to use a pressure regulator in a drip system?
Can a pressure regulator increase pressure?
Where is the regulator installed in the system?
Does it matter which direction the pressure regulator is installed?
Will my pressure regulator or pressure limit valve work if I put it in backwards?
Do I need a pressure regulator if my water supply is gravity fed?
Can I use a pressure regulator to lower the pressure for a float valve controlled water tank that provides animals with water?
Can I use a pressure regulator to lower the pressure before a valve?

Why won't my new yellow-handled punch (PUY) make a hole?
I purchased the tubing assembly for a Mini-Wobbler sprinkler and the barb going into my mainline tubing looks larger than barbed connectors I've used before. What type of punch do I use?

What is the difference between a sprinkler and a sprayer?
What is the difference between a Shrubbler and a Bubbler?

Can I adjust the distance with the sprinklers you sell?
Is it true that sprayers use more water than drip?
What's the difference between radius and arc with sprinklers?
What does the term matched precipitation mean?
What sprinkler should be used with trees?
Can all sprinklers be inverted?
Can I further reduce the spray radius of my PGP sprinklers that the stock red nozzles provide?
Will the SuperNet Sprinkler work only with the blue SuperNet stake (MSNSTK)?
How do I adjust the radius of my MP Rotator?
Do I need a tool to adjust the MP Rotator?
When is the best time to adjust the MP Rotator?
What is the stream height of the MP Rotator corner spray (MPRCOR)?
On which side of the my garden bed should I place my MPRLEFT strip sprayer?
How do I adjust the arc of the Hunter PGJ?
How do I adjust the radius (distance of throw) of the Hunter PGP?
How do I adjust the arc of the Hunter PGP?

Supply Tubing
How long will tubing last?
What is the difference between supply and emitter tubing?
How do I get kinks out of my tubing?
What size tubing should I use?
Can you tell me how to determine the size of my tubing?
Can I bury my tubing?
What if my tubing is too small or too big for the fittings I have?
What is a High Pressure Hose Extension?
Can I connect 1/4” tubing line directly to a faucet without having to run a mainline?
I rolled up my mainline tubing and discovered several kinks. Will they be a problem?
What is the life expectancy of 1/4” tubing?
What is the maximum flow for 1/4” tubing?
How do I know if my tubing is 1/2” or 3/4”?

What types of timers do you carry?
Which timer should I choose?
Can I add another timer valve later?
Can timers be left outside during the winter?
Can you help me program my timer?
What is the warranty on your timers?
What is the better choice, an electric (AC) or battery (DC) timer?
My battery timer worked fine at first but now water barely trickles out. Could dirty water be the cause?
How versatile is the Galcon six station misting and irrigation timer (TGNGH6)?
Which timers are the easiest to program?

Tubing with Emitters
Can emitter tubing be buried?
How long does emitter tubing last?
What is pressure compensating emitter tubing?
What is the difference between Drip Tape and Emitter Tubing?
Which way should the emitter holes face, up or down?
What's the maximum run length recommended for the 1/4” soaker dripline?
How long will soaker drip line last?
What is the maximum run length for 1/2" Emitter Tubing (DET)?
Can DET be connected to a hose start without a mainline?
What is the maximum flow for 1/4” tubing?
Why does Drip Tape require a 200-mesh filter?
What is the difference between high and low flow Drip Tape?
How do I know whether I purchased high or low flow Drip Tape? There is no label I can see.
Can Drip Tape be rolled up and stored for reuse the following season?
When I install Drip Tape, which is the correct way, seam up or seam down?
How long does Drip Tape last?

What do valves do?
Is a timer and a valve the same thing?
Can I manually shut off my valve?
Is there a limit to how many valves I can use?
What do I do if my valve won't shut off?
How do you correctly install an anti-siphon valve?
What is the correct orientation for a valve when placing it into a manifold?
How can I tell the difference between your Baccara electric AC and battery DC valves?
What is the function of the red lever just below the solenoid on the outlet side of my Baccara valve?
What is the function of the three-pronged knob on the top of my Baccara valve?

Worm Bins
What material is the Worm Factory made from?