Vital Garden Supply (Organic)

We are excited to offer a full line of organic products manufactured in accordance with the National Organic Program (NOP). Liquid and dry fertilizers, soil amendments and pest control products that are 100% natural. All are made without the use of petroleum byproducts or synthetic additives.

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  • California Gold - 1 cu ft

    California Gold - 1 cu ft

    Powered by earthworms and millions of gallons of captured rainwater, California Gold results from a three to five year, fungal-dominant decomposition process of pure woody materials. California Gold reduces water and fertilizer use, and increases the plant's resistance to pests and diseases. It contains essential plant promoting compounds and serves as a complete inoculant for a diverse spectrum of soil microorganisms.

  • Vital Roots Soluble Mycorrhizal Fungi

    Vital Roots Soluble Mycorrhizal Fungi


    Vital Garden Supply's Vital Roots Mycorrhizal Soil Inoculant increases beneficial microorganisms at the root level to stimulate root growth and increase the efficiency of nutrient uptake. It helps you take advantage of all the nutrients present in the soil.

  • High-Phos Soft Rock Phosphate 0-13-0
  • High-Nitrogen Bat Guano 9-3-1
  • SLF-100 Line Cleaner, 1 Quart
  • Vital Fish Powder 15-0-0.5, 1 lb

    Vital Fish Powder 15-0-0.5, 1 lb

    An organic, dry, soluble fish hydrolysate composed of over 80% L-amino acids. Amino acids support photosynthesis, which produces carbohydrates necessary for plant growth and flower production.

  • Powdered Glacial Rock

    Powdered Glacial Rock


    Vital Earth's® Glacial Rock Powder is derived from ancient glaciers containing a broad spectrum of trace minerals from rock that has been collected and pulverized by the expansion and contraction of glaciers.

  • Vital Kelp 0.5-0-17, 1 lb

    Vital Kelp 0.5-0-17, 1 lb

    Vital Garden Supply's Vital Kelp 0.5-0-17 is a soluble seaweed extract from the North Atlantic Ocean which contains a high concentration of available potassium and an array of trace minerals.

  • Organic Nutrients Insect Frass
  • Baseline Granular Humus

    Baseline Granular Humus

    Vital Garden Supply's Baseline is a granular humus that improves soils, raises nutrient availability, increases water retention, assists biological activity, aids in disease suppression, and boosts the immune system of your plants. It consists of humic acid, fulvic acid, ulmic acid, trace minerals, organic matter, and a blend of beneficial soil microbes.