Vital Garden Supply (Organic)

Just like people, plants need the right nutrients to thrive. Many folks believe going organic provides the best fertilizer for garden use.

If you prefer natural products to those made with man made chemicals, DripWorks carries a selection of top-notch organic fertilizers and soil amendments. These products are manufactured in accordance with the National Organic Program, so you know you're getting the real deal.

Our garden-supply inventory includes high-nitrogen organic favorites like bat guano and fish powder as well as phosphorus-rich soft rock phosphate. If you're looking for lots of potassium to nourish your plants, check out products like our kelp fertilizer. This soluble seaweed extract also contains lots of trace minerals.

You'll also find organic products here designed to get your plants off to a good start. These include soluble mycorrhizal fungi, a natural additive that helps plants absorb water and nutrients better. In addition, we have natural enzymatic line cleaner to keep your drip lines and emitters running cleaner and better. Find out how much you need before you add to cart with our Fertilizer Estimator.