Grow More (Water-Soluble)

The drip irrigation systems and products from DripWorks can save water and target irrigation where your plants need it. When you team up water-soluble Grow More drip fertilizers with your drip system, your plants can grow even bigger and stronger. We stock a variety of Grow More water-soluble fertilizers to help you get more out of your garden, farm, orchard or landscape.

Formulated for flowers and perennials, 10-52-10 fertilizer will boost and extend bud set and flowering. It also encourages root growth in young plants.

For all-purpose use, consider a bag of 20-20-20. This popular blend can be used year-round on most plants, crops and trees.

In spring or early summer, use the 30-10-10 formula to get your plants off to a head start. The early nitrogen boost will encourage fast, healthy growth.

For spring and early summer applications, start with 30-10-10. It's a high-nitrogen formula that provides an early nitrogen boost to stimulate fast, healthy plant growth.

Most of these fertilizers are available in 5- or 25-pound bags. In addition to our fast shipping and friendly service, we think you'll like our nice Grow More fertilizer price. To find out exactly how much you need before you order, fill out our Fertilizer Estimator.