Bat Guano (Organic)

Many gardeners swear by bat guano, which is simply manure deposited by these flying mammals. Bat guano fertilizer is high in nutrients that will give your plants an immediate boost and will last all season.

This natural fertilizer will promote root growth and hardiness while stimulating production of more flowers, fruits and vegetables. In addition, this slow-release fertilizer improves the texture of soil. It will help loosen clumpy clay soils and add body to thin, sandy soils.

DripWorks carries organic fertilizer in several styles and sizes to suit your needs. To find out how much you need, use our Fertilizer Estimator. Each batch is tested for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK), which may vary slightly for different batches.

For flowering plants, consider our high-phosphorus 0-6-0 formula. It's available in 8-pound or 25-pound containers. To use it, apply bat guano to the soil as a top dressing near the drip-line emitters or under the spray. You can also mix it in a container of water and apply or dig it a few inches into the soil.