Wing Sprinklers (5 Pack)

Wing Sprinklers (5 Pack)

  • Low Flow (Green) $4.95 MSWGR-5
  • Med Flow (Light Blue) $4.95 MSWLB-5
  • High Flow (Black) $4.95 MSWBL-5
  • Super Flow (Brown) $4.95 MSWBRN-5

Wing Sprinklers are a low cost alternative for watering large areas. These water saving sprinklers are great for xeriscapes or anywhere low water usage is desired. They have a press-fit base and can be used with the press-fit support assembly or press-fit-barb fitting.


  • Best at low pressure (15-30 PSI)
  • Low water usage
  • Waters large areas
  • Even water distribution
  • Full circle spray pattern
Sprinkler Color Flow @ 30 PSI Radius @ 30 PSI Area Flow per Square Foot
MSWGR Olive Green 5 GPH 4 feet 50 sq. ft. 0.10 GPH/sq.ft.
MSWLB Light Blue 9 GPH 7.5 feet 176 sq. ft. 0.05 GPH/sq.ft.
MSWBL Black 18 GPH 9.5 feet 283 sq. ft. 0.06 GPH/sq.ft.
MSWBRN Brown 34 GPH 11 feet 380 sq. ft. 0.09 GPH/sq.ft.

Customer Reviews

Just What I Needed
I was looking for a small sprinkler that would irrigate a garden, I placed the wing sprinklers
4ft. apart and the coverage was excellent. If GripWorks doesn't have what you need for your Irrigation needs then you don't need it!!!
These have the most even distribution of sprinklers I have evaluated. Very good for nursery applications. Spacing is about 38" for very consistent distribution. Low flow, green base.

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