Superfine Misting Nozzle (5 Pack)

Superfine Misting Nozzle (5 Pack)

  • Low Flow (White) $7.75 MNW-5
  • Med Flow (Cream) $7.75 MNC-5
  • High Flow (Black) $7.75 MNB-5
  • No Drip Low Flow (Red) $12.45 MNRED-5

Why sweat it out through summer weather? Even on the hottest, sunniest days, you can still enjoy being outdoors thanks to the Superfine Misting Nozzle from DripWorks.

Sold in economical five-packs, these fine-mist spray nozzles will provide refreshing coolness for you, your family and friends, keeping everyone comfortable and happy no matter how hot it gets. Ideal for decks, pools and parties, these fogging nozzles can also cool livestock on those hot, sultry days.

The nozzle comes with 1/8" MPT that threads into a specially adapted 1/2" PVC tee (MNTA), or a 1/4" barbed adapter (MNBA). The barbed adapter can be used at the end of 1/4" tubing or directly inserted into mainline poly tubing, if necessary.

The MNRED is a low flow mister with built-in anti-drip. The MNRED does not come with a screen. It can be installed in poly tubing with the (MNBA) adapter.

The included filter screens will only work with the PVC adapters (MNTA and P1218STB ).

SKUColorSpray AngleDiameter *Droplet Size (Microns)GPH @ 40 PSIGPH @ 80 PSIGPH @ 100 PSI
MNW White 80° 2' 55 0.6 0.7 0.9
MNC Cream 105° 3' 60 1.1 1.4 1.6
MNB Black 110° 3' 70 1.6 2.6 3.0
Superfine nozzle with Anti-Drip (does not use filter screen)
MNRED Red 110° 2' 50 0.6 0.7 0.9

* Diameter at 6' height at 40 PSI

Customer Reviews

Misty eyed
my Nozzles worked well in produce cooler fogging application. Lower cost than the ready made options from store supply outlets
Very kind service and reliable product
Satisfied experience of buying from Dripworks!
misting nozzle
nice, fine gentle mist. works great!
misters for greenhouse
I ordered thinking that they would not leak. They do leak a little, but misting is what I was hoping for.
Mister nozzle
Awesome! That work really great.
Just what I needed.
Even spray pattern. No drips. Delivered in 3 days of order. Just what I needed.
Replacement misters
Work great, just like originals. Currently waiting for a sample of a non drip version. But overall very happy with your service and product.

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