Fertilizer Injector Buying Guide

This guide will break down the aspects of each injector type and define the situations for which they are best suited. There are three types of Fertilizer injectors: 1) Tank Injectors, 2) Venturi injectors, and 3) Pump powered injectors.

Tank Injectors

Tank injectors are quite easy to use. All you need to do is fill the tank with fertilizer and set a dilution rate for the fertilizer to be mixed. A tank injector system can be great for any fertilizing situation. DripWorks offers tank-type injectors from two manufacturers.

Chapin Injectors

This is the smallest type of tank injectors that we carry. Chapin injectors come in three size options: 16 oz, 24 oz, and 32oz. These injectors have a set dilution rate of one ounce of concentrate per gallon of water. These are hose-threaded tanks that will attach directly to your spigot. Due to the low capacity of these tank injectors, they are best suited for small gardens. In most instances, the tank on these injectors will need to be filled each time you want to fertilize. The Chapin injectors work best at 40 PSI with a maximum pressure rating of 60 PSI, making them best suited for a sprayer or sprinkler system versus a low-pressure drip system.

EZ-FLO Injector

EZ-FLO offers larger tank injectors. These come in several different tank sizes. The hose-threaded units have three sizing choices: 3/4 gallon, 1 gallon, and 2.5 gallon. The 3/4 and 2.5-gallon units have a maximum pressure rating of 50 PSI, and the 1-gallon unit has a slightly higher-pressure rating of 80 PSI. The minimum pressure required for all EZ-Flo tanks is 5 PSI. Hose threaded units can work on systems using as low as 8 GPH with the use of flow restrictor discs. The dilution rate for these tanks can be adjusted from 100:1 to 1000:1. An important aspect of these tank injectors that needs to be considered is how they inject fertilizer. As the system is running, water is being pumped into the tank. The water mixes with the fertilizer and then is injected into the system. Due to this, the fertilizer in the tank is constantly being diluted. If you are casually feeding, this system is excellent. If your plants require precise feeding, this system will not work well unless you refill the tank at each feeding.

EZ-FLO also has a line of high pressure tanks for use on multiple zone systems. These tanks have the same operating pressure range of 5-80 PSI. There are several tank size options to fit your needs based on the size of your garden. Flow rates on these tanks can be as low as 2.5 GPH and as high as 300 GPH. The EZKIT units have a second cap for easy refilling without disconnecting tubes. It also has an easy flush valve to drain the tank or to wash between fertilizers.

Venturi Injectors

The Mazzei Venturi Injector is more precise. These injectors create a pressure differential to draw fertilizer from a bucket and inject it into the system. The injector needs to generate a minimum of a 5 PSI pressure drop from the inlet to the outlet to create suction. The Mazzei injector should be sized by the flow rate your system will be using and not by the size of the mainline. Mazzei injectors are commonly installed on a bypass system with ball valves to control the flow through the injector, subsequently holding the suction rate. While these injectors are highly accurate and very easy to use, they do take some time to configure to your exact needs. The Mazzei injector is not considered a "beginner" injector, so it is not suggested for first-time injector users.

Pump Injectors

The MixRite Injector is pump-driven. The pump is powered by the water flow traveling through the injector. The suction hose is placed in a bucket of fertilizer below the unit, and as the water flows through the unit, it draws the concentrated fertilizer up into the system at the set dilution rate. MixRite injectors come in adjustable and fixed units. The 3/4" units come in a 1% fixed dilution rate and three adjustable rates: 2%, 4%, or 10%. The flow rate for these units is 5.6-660 GPH. The operating pressure range is 3-120 PSI. The injector has an on/off knob on the top. This knob will allow water to flow through the injector without suctioning up fertilizer. The MixRite can also be installed on a bypass. DripWorks carries larger units in 1", 1 1/2", and 2" options. Flow rates vary by size up to 110 GPM. For these larger units, the pressure range is 15-120 PSI. Units come in 2% or 3% dilution rates. A MixRite injector is a very precise, user-friendly injector that has a wide range of uses.


For small sprinkler or sprayer systems that could benefit from a basic fertilizer dose, the Chapin injector provides a simple solution for a single dose. For something a little larger that can provide a steady dose of fertilizer over a more extended period, the EZ-Flo tank is recommended. If you are looking for a precise feeding system with ease of use, the MixRite injector may be just what you are looking for. Another option for precise injection would be the Mazzei system, but this injector takes some work at installation to set up perfectly. The Mazzei is suggested for customers more advanced in fertilizer injector systems.