Replacement Screens For DIG Y-Type Filters

Replacement Screens For DIG Y-Type Filters

  • Stainless Steel 80 Mesh (Blue) $10.95 FYDELSS80
  • Stainless Steel 120 Mesh (Brown) $10.95 FYDELSS120
  • Polyethylene 155 Mesh (Green) $6.95 FYDEL155
  • Stainless Steel 155 Mesh (Green) $10.95 FYDELSS155
  • Polyethylene 200 Mesh (Purple) $7.95 FYDEL200
  • Stainless Steel 200 Mesh (Purple) $10.95 FYDELSS200

These are replacement filter screens for DIG brand Home Garden Filters. Screens are available in either polyethylene or stainless steel. Stainless steel screens are more durable and last multiple seasons. All Screens are 6" long and fit "long body" DIG filters.

These screens are reusable and last multiple seasons when properly maintained. To clean, simply unscrew the body of the filter and remove the screen. Under running water, use a bottle brush to scrub the center of the screen cylinder where the debris collects. Rinse the screen and return it to the filter body.

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