Reinforced Polyethylene Repair Tape

Reinforced Polyethylene Repair Tape

  • 10' $18.95 PDRT410
  • 100' $99.95 PDRT4100

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Take the headaches out of fixing that leaky pond with the Reinforced Polyethylene Tape for Pond Liner Repair from DripWorks. This single-sided tape has a strong adhesive backing that is excellent for repairing sections of reinforced polyethylene pond liner material.

Highly recommended by the manufacturer of our reinforced poly liners, this repair tape can save you the cost and time of a pond liner replacement. Choose from roll sizes to suit the needs of your pond liner repair project.


  • Measuring 4" wide and 25 mils thick
  • Available in 10-foot or 100-foot rolls

Important Note:

When applying this seam tape for pond liner repair, make sure the surface of the liner is clean. Use denatured alcohol to prep the surface area before applying the repair tape.

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