Geotextile Protective Material

If you are beautifying your property by installing a water feature or pond, the last thing you want is a leak. Available in a variety of sizes, the geotextile protective material for pond liners available at DripWorks offers a smart way to protect your pond liner so the water stays where it's supposed to be.

This nonwoven geotextile material resists punctures and provides a smart, affordable "insurance policy" to protect your EPDM rubber or reinforced polyethylene pond liner. Simply use it as an underlayment before installing the liner. Easy to install, it will adhere to steep sides of an excavation. You'll rest easier knowing it will protect your liner from sharp rocks and other hazards under the ground.

Choose from precut sizes ranging from 15' x 15' to 15' x 75'. We can also custom-cut this material to your specifications, and you can find out how much you need using our Pond Liner Estimator. Just call us toll-free to place your custom order.

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