At DripWorks, irrigation goes beyond drip irrigation systems. We also stock plenty of overhead sprinklers for those who prefer this watering method. Whether you run a farm or just want to water a few plants, shrubs or trees, you'll discover a huge selection of agricultural and garden full-circle irrigation sprinklers when you browse our website or visit our store.

Ideal for garden beds, ground covers, nurseries and landscaped spaces, our full-circle sprinklers are available in a variety of styles. With a tighter radius than lawn sprinklers, our garden sprinklers are perfect for gardens, greenhouses and other smaller watering chores.

If you're looking for uniform, even coverage for a garden bed, greenhouse or ground cover, check out our press-fit sprinklers, which have quick-connect bases. For orchards, vineyards and frost protection, our pressure-compensating sprinklers offer a good solution. These popular products deliver a consistent amount of water regardless of elevation or row length using the best garden drip sprinkler heads on the market.

Garden Sprinklers have a smaller radius than lawn sprinklers and are great for garden beds, landscape plantings, ground covers and greenhouses.

Press-Fit Sprinklers are a specific type of garden sprinkler that have quick connect bases. These sprinklers have uniform, even coverage and are ideal for garden beds, ground covers and greenhouses.

Pressure Compensating Sprinklers are commonly used in orchards, vineyards and for frost protection. The amount of water they use is consistent regardless of row length and elevation changes making them ideal for long rows and hilly terrain.