Customizable Cannabis Watering Kit

Customizable Cannabis Watering Kit

When you are serious about what you grow our 10-100 plant customizable kit lets you choose specific types of products to fit your needs.

Customize your kit based on the options below.

-Number of plants between 10-100 (increments of 10)
-Valve option- manual, battery (DC), or electric (AC)
-Watering device- 1/2” emitter tubing, 1/4” Soaker dripline, C-Frame down sprayers, or PC Shrubblers on a stake.
-Container- 65 gallon Smart Pots, 100 gallon, or none


  • Easily expandable
  • Choice of manual or automated valves
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Full detailed instructions
  • Applicable for a variety of garden set ups

Custom Kit Base - Please note that the quantities for each item will differ based on the number of plants you choose to irrigate.

  • High Pressure Hose Extension 3' (HPEX3)
  • Thread Sealant Tape 1/2” x 260” (PCTEFSM)
  • Female Hose x 1” Female Pipe (AFH1FP)
  • Senninger 1” Limit Valve (PR1LV30)
  • 1” PVC Threaded Ball Valve (P1BVT)
  • 1” Amiad Screen Filter (FAM1 )
  • 1” Nipple (TMN)
  • 1” Manifold Tee (TMT)
  • Manifold Cap (TMCAP)
  • 1” x 3/4” Reducing Nipple (TMRN)
  • 3/4” Easy Loc x 3/4” Male Pipe Thread (EL34M34)
  • 3/4” Easy Loc End Cap (ELMC34)
  • 3/4” Easy Loc Elbow (ELL34)
  • 3/4” Easy Loc Coupler (ELC34)
  • Female Hose Thread Flush Valve (VFH)
  • U-Shaped Wire Hold downs (SUHD-10)
  • 3/4” Polyethylene Mainline (34250, 34500)

1/4” Soaker Dripline
Our 1/4” Soaker dripline is versatile and discrete increasing the aesthetic look of your system, the kit design allows for a 25' spiral around each plant and emits 0.80 GPH every 9” at 30 PSI. This kit option is the easiest to install and can also be used as a gravity fed system working at pressures as low as 2 PSI.

PC Shrubblers
Our pressure compensating shrubblers will allow for deep watering in designated areas, the shrubbler is mounted on a 5” stake allowing for top dressing of fertilizers to be worked into the soil. Each plant can use up to 4 pressure compensating shrubblers, each emitting 8.1 GPH at 30 PSI.

1/2” Emitter Tubing
Our pressure compensating 1/2” emitter tubing is great for uneven terrain. The tubing will emit 1 GPH every 9”, we have estimated 10' to spiral around each plant creating a dense watering pattern that will strengthen roots and increase yields.

Jain Octabubbler with Down Sprayers
In this kit option our pressure compensating Octa-Bubbler is used as a manifold with C-Frame down sprayers coming off of the ports. Only 4 out of 8 ports of the manifold are utilized per plants leaving room for expansion, each down sprayer will be emit 10 GPH making this our highest flow option.

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