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Cut-away of T-Tape showing the turbulent flow regulating channel.

Drip Tape

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Advantages of T-Tape

With drought affecting more and more areas of the country, a water efficient, economical method of watering row crops is essential. T-Tape is an excellent product for use in agricultural irrigation, farm irrigation and backyard garden applications. The following pages on Drip Tape for Farm Irrigation and Drip Tape for Home Garden give additional information on using T-Tape for your watering needs. Be sure to check out our T-Tape estimator to help determine your needs for larger scale uses of drip irrigation tape.

T-Tape has a number of advantages:
  • Lowest cost drip system for rows and raised beds.
  • Suitable for all sizes of commercial agriculture or backyard gardening
  • Operates at very low pressures (down to 4 PSI) or up to 15 PSI (15 mil T-Tape only). Will work at even lower pressure but it is up to the user if distribution is acceptable. We do not warranty systems running at less than 4 PSI.
  • Works great for low pressure gravity systems
  • Equal water distribution makes long rows possible
  • Ideal for above ground or buried applications
  • Lasts up to 7 years when covered or 2-5 years when left on the surface

Drip tape used for row crops

T-Tape Specs

The following table lists the 5/8" T-Tape styles that we carry. (You can click on the Part# to go to that item in our on-line store.)

T-Tape Specifications
Roll Part# Mil Emitter
Flow Max Row
Max Row
Flow Per 100'
at 8 PSI
Feet Per
T1508HR 15 8" High 460' 200' 40 GPH 4100
T1508LR 15 8" Low 700' 380' 20 GPH 4100
T1512HR 15 12" High 600' 280' 27 GPH 4100
T1012LR 10 12" Low 900' 550' 13 GPH 6000
T808HR 8 8" High 460' 200' 40 GPH 7500
T808LR 8 8" Low 700' 380' 20 GPH 7500
T804R 8 4" High 350' 140' 60 GPH 7500
T606MR 6 6" Med 600' 280' 27 GPH 10000

We also carry small rolls of 15 mil T-Tape for home use. Click here to view those rolls in our on-line store.

How T-Tape Works

T-Tape, also known as drip tape, features a turbulent flow track emitter design that provides a high level of watering uniformity. Each outlet is part of a true drip emitter, providing reliable drip flow without squirting. A specially designed slit outlet reduces insect damage, impedes root intrusion and virtually eliminates start-up plugging from external contaminants.
The water in the supply tube passes into the regulating channel through multiple filtering inlets. The water next passes through the turbulent flow channel to regulate the discharge flow before exiting through the outlet. The advanced turbulent flow design uses large passageways which are less likely to plug and provide more uniform discharge for longer lengths of run than other drip tape technologies.

T-Tape (drip tape) used in a farm application

T-Tape (drip tape) used in a backyard garden
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