Inline Filter and Replacement Screen

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This inline filter is simple to use and effective for small gardens with a fairly clean water supply. It must be disconnected from the water supply to access the screen for cleaning and replacement.

  • Maximum flow: 7 gallons per minute (GPM)
  • Female hose (FHT) inlet and male hose (MHT) outlet
  • 120 mesh nylon screen, replacement screens available

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  • Inline Filter- 120 Mesh
  • 0.124 lbs
  • $5.95
  • Replacement Screen - 120 Mesh
  • 0.014 lbs
  • $3.69
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Important Notes:
This filter is not rated for use under constant pressure. It must be placed after automated timers or valves. For constant pressure filters see our Heavy Duty Amiad filters.

We recommend using Hose Washer and O-Ring Lubricant (HLUBE) to prolong the lifespan of the o-ring and washer inside this filter.

FI120 is the filter assembly (including screen cartridge)
FIE120 is the replacement screen cartridge only