Valves (Battery and Electric)

Valves (Battery and Electric)
Valves are designed to be used with a timer to automate an irrigation system. The timer sends a signal to the valve telling it to open or close. Choose a valve that is compatible with your timer and the pressure and flow rate of your irrigation system.

All in-line automated valves are designed for below ground installation (inside a valve box), and have female pipe threads on both inlet and outlet.

See our manifold swivel fittings for a fast, flexible and easy way to assemble valves.

  • Do not use pipe dope around any automated valve (AC or DC).
  • Always install a filter in your system before your valves.
    Debris in the valve will void any warranty.
  • Always install valves in the horizontal position.
    Failure to do so may cause damage to the valve.
  • The solenoid should be on the downstream side of the valve. There is an arrow on the side of each valve indicating the direction of the flow of water.
  • Local building codes may require the inclusion of a back flow prevention device when using valves other than anti-siphon valves. Check with your local building inspector or municipality for details.