Tornado Misters 10/24 Thread Version (5 Pack)

Tornado Misters 10/24 Thread Version (5 Pack)

  • Low Flow (Black) $2.95 MTFB-5
  • High Flow (Red) $2.95 MTFR-5

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Tornado Misters are excellent for propagation, seedlings, giant pumpkins and any moisture loving plant. Their even distribution and easy installation make them a favorite with our customers. They have a wide operating pressure range of 20 - 60 PSI. Average droplet size is 140 microns.

These 10/24 threaded base Tornado Misters are designed to be installed in the upright position. They can be inserted into EZ-Stakes, Rigid Risers, 1/4" micro tubing, or directly into mainline tubing or PVC pipe. To install in PVC pipe, drill a hole and thread with a 10/24 tap.

SKU Color GPH @ 20 PSI Diam. @ 20 PSI GPH @ 40 PSI Diam. @ 40 PSI
MTFB Black 4 GPH 4 feet 5.5 GPH 4 ft
MTFR Red 8 GPH 6 ft 11.5 GPH 6 ft

Customer Reviews

work well
even distribution. i have hundreds in use. higher pressures(fewer in use) result in finer mist like droplets. Too many or low pressures give uneven sprays.
The jury is still out
It appears that many of them spray more on one side than the other. Not a very even distribution of water.

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