Tornado Misters 10/24 Thread Version (5 Pack)

Tornado Misters 10/24 Thread Version (5 Pack)

  • Low Flow (Black) $2.95 MTFB-5
  • High Flow (Red) $2.95 MTFR-5

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Tornado Misters are excellent for propagation, seedlings, giant pumpkins and any moisture loving plant. Their even distribution and easy installation make them a favorite with our customers. They have a wide operating pressure range of 20 - 60 PSI. Average droplet size is 140 microns.

These 10/24 threaded base Tornado Misters are designed to be installed in the upright position. They can be inserted into EZ-Stakes, Rigid Risers, 1/4" micro tubing, or directly into mainline tubing or PVC pipe. To install in PVC pipe, drill a hole and thread with a 10/24 tap.

SKU Color GPH @ 20 PSI Diam. @ 20 PSI GPH @ 40 PSI Diam. @ 40 PSI
MTFB Black 4 GPH 4 feet 5.5 GPH 4 ft
MTFR Red 8 GPH 6 ft 11.5 GPH 6 ft

Customer Reviews

work well
By Matthew on 4/5/2018
even distribution. i have hundreds in use. higher pressures(fewer in use) result in finer mist like droplets. Too many or low pressures give uneven sprays.
The jury is still out
By Patrick on 7/18/2017
It appears that many of them spray more on one side than the other. Not a very even distribution of water.

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