Non-Plugging Emitter (10 Pack)

Non-Plugging Emitter (10 Pack)

If you have a very dirty water supply (pond or irrigation ditch) where a fine screen filter clogs quickly, this may be the answer. Use a coarse screen filter (30-50 mesh) for large particles and the Non-Plugging Emitter will pass particles that would plug almost any drip emitter.

SKU: DNP1-10

If you are looking for no-clog drip emitters, the Non-Plugging Emitter for Drip Irrigation from DripWorks are reliable non-clogging emitters in a maintained system for your irrigation needs.

Sold in convenient, economical 10-packs, these emitters may solve your clogging problem if you are using a very dirty water supply for irrigating, such as from a pond or an irrigation ditch, and your fine screens clog quickly. Just use a coarse-screen filter (30 to 50 mesh) for large particles and the Non-Plugging Emitter will pass particles that would plug almost any other drip emitter.

This special emitter has two diaphragms inside with six small openings. When particles block the diaphragm openings, pressure develops and stretches the opening, forcing the particle through it. The opening then returns to its normal size.


  • A minimum of 15 psi is required for these emitters to work properly.
  • Use at the end of 1/4" tubing or installed directly in the mainline.
  • Will emit 1 GPH at 20 psi.

Customer Reviews

have been using these for years and never ever had a problem
Mini Inline Emitters
The non-plugging emitters were only recently installed and seem to be working fine.
Excellent Service
Everything you need and great service.
Non-Plugging Emitter
their name tells the whole story!
So Glad I found These!
I've had trouble with emitters plugging so I was so glad to find these. No more need to change them out frequently - no more worries!
Bubbler problem
Had one of these emitters on line for over a year and not one problem. No plugs for any reason. I replaced some adjustable bubblers that kept air locking. Adjust volume with timer and all is well.
as advertised
Large emitters
These are the only ones I purchase now.

I've had it with flag emitters and pressure compensating emmiters, I used to spend a portion of every Monday just checking to see if there clogged.

Not now....

Non plug emitters
Like these guys a bunch. I’ve been running more than 30 of these for 3 or 4 months. They all continue to flow at the same rate. Haven’t had to touch any of them for maintenance.

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