Nitrogen Bat Guano 5-3-1

Nitrogen Bat Guano 5-3-1

  • 5 lb $23.95 IFBAT5
  • 25 lb $59.95 IFBAT25

Bat Guano is the best, most concentrated, slow release organic fertilizer on the market. 5-3-1 is a high nitrogen fertilizer to promote healthy growth for your plants.

  • Promotes Strong & Steady Growth
  • Increases Microbial Activity in the Soil
  • Increases total Nutrient Availability
  • Results in Bigger Plant Size and Better Health

Bat Guano will provide abundant nutrients that are immediately available but last all season long. When applied to the soil (near the emitters or under the spray) as a top dressing, put into a container of water and applied (after soaking and agitating), or dug a few inches down into the soil, you'll see fantastic results!

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Great for tea!
Good shit!

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