Mini-Jet, Red (10 Pack)

Mini-Jet, Red (10 Pack)

  • 180° $2.19 MSRD180-10
  • 300° $2.19 MSRD300-10
  • 90° $2.19 MSRD90-10
  • Strip Spray $2.19 MSRDSTR-10

Mini-jets have a 10-32 threaded base and can be installed on a stake or directly into the end of 1/4" tubing. They produce a flat spray, are available in quarter, half, full, and strip patterns, and work well at low pressures down to 5 PSI. At pressures above 30 PSI the spray becomes more mist-like. These red Mini-Jets have the highest water flow in the Mini-Jet family.

These very popular and economical sprayers work well at pressures as low as 5 PSI. They have a flat spray angle to minimize water on foliage and various spray patterns and flows to provide versatility. At pressures above 30 PSI the spray turns into more of a mist. All Mini jets have a 10-32 threaded base and fit into 1/4" tubing, EZ Stakes, Rigid Risers or Pop up risers. Use hex end of yellow handle punch for easy installation.

Color PSI Quarter




Red 15 PSI MSRD90
20gph / 5.5'
20gph / 3.5'
20gph / 4'
20gph / 6.5'
30 PSI 28.9gph / 6.5' 28.9gph / 4' 28.9gph / 4.5' 29.8gph / 7'

Customer Reviews

As advertised. reasonable price. won't get to try it out until Spring, though.
Just what I needed
Really like the Hydro Pro Jets I recived from Drip Works. Better quality than I have purchased in the past.
Mini jets
Great product, does the job. Good specs to show what you need.
Great for narrow borders easy to adjust, indestructable
Mini-Jets are great
These little guys work really well. I like the fact that a 10 -pack cost just a couple of bucks, which means you can buy a bunch and experiment or change them as needs change. Good product. P.S. My grandchildren love to watch them pop up and spray them!

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