Male Hose x Male Pipe x 1/2" Female Pipe

Male Hose x Male Pipe x 1/2" Female Pipe


This versatile fitting has standard male hose threads (MHT) on one end and 3/4" male pipe threads (MPT) on the other end. Inside the 3/4" MPT end is 1/2" female pipe threads (FPT). This fitting is commonly used to connect FHT (on a garden hose, female hose beginning or a filter) to a 1/2" MPT riser.

  • Versatile three-way adapter
  • MHT x 3/4" MPT (1/2" FPT on the inside of the 3/4" MPT)
  • Commonly used in sprinkler to drip irrigation conversions

Customer Reviews

handy fitting
Useful hose to pipe transition fitting since the pipe side is 3/4 male, or 1/2 female. Low cost, I keep a few on hand.
Tee Filter Issues
Some of the Tee Filters are okay and others are NOT mechanically sound. The end slips off over the ferrule and water goes everywhere - whether you're home or NOT! Different manufacturers?

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