Galcon 4 Station Battery Timer

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  • Penny - Sep 27th 2020

    Still Works after 5 years

    I bought one June 22, 2015 and it is still working just fine 5 years later. It gets a lot of dirt, bugs and cobwebs on the cover in its underground dirt bottom vault. The 9 volt battery lasts one year before needing replacement. It was a little tricky learning to program. I had to rely on the printed instructions for a awhile till I learned the steps. I love this timer and am buying 2 more to install in other parts of my vegetable gardens and windbreak trees as it saves me so much time by precisely timing irrigation. These garden areas are a long distance from my AC electric outlets so battery power is the perfect solution and surprisingly reliable.

  • Byrd - Aug 24th 2020


    Good value easy to operate

  • Karin - Aug 19th 2018

    Works but Hard to Set Up

    After spending the day replacing another brand battery/timer valve combo with this model, I finally got it to work. For ability to take higher-pressure flows, it probably deserves a higher score than this. However, the teeny-tiny manual was hard to read, and in print a couple of the buttons look similar. I could not get the thing to go into "manual" using the controller in order to test the system once assembled. It kept showing "rAin". Finally, I came back to the house, found the manual online and searched the word "rain" on the enlarged .pdf downloaded manual. Turns out the controller was in suspension mode. Probably something I did due to inability to read the little manual in the box. Also, neither the controller nor the valve came with the plastic covers for connecting the controller wires to the solenoid wires shown in the installation diagram. I bought some waterproof connectors at the hardware store. NO 9-volt, (and it must be an) ALKALINE battery included, either. Also, make sure you have the male threaded/barbed drip tubing adapters for the 3/4 or 1" inlet/outlets on the valve. It would be nice if the DripWorks website walked you through shopping for complicated purchases like this. After two trips to the hardware store and a day of fiddling around, wahoo! I have a (hopefully) robust battery timer to supply water to remote drip lines. I prefer Orbit timers, which are a lot simpler to use, but sadly the Orbit controller/inline valve I used was unable to operate under the higher pressure of the particular water supply for this field.


Solid construction and easy programming makes this commercial-grade battery timer a real bargain and easy to install. Also available in a single station model.


  • Independent programming for each valve
  • Manual operation
  • Rain sensor capable
  • Master valve capable
  • Weather resistant


  • Start Times: Up to 4 per day
  • Duration: 1 minute to 12 hours
  • Programming: Daily/Monthly
  • Stations: 4 stations; also available in a single station model
  • Valves: Galcon DC, 2 wire valves (sold separately)
  • Batteries: One 9 volt industrial alkaline (not included)
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Manufacturer's Part Number: DC4-6104

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