EZ-FLO Faucet Switching Kit

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This kit enables you to easily move a hose threaded EZ-FLO unit from one faucet to another, allowing you to fertigate multiple areas without purchasing another EZ-FLO unit. Simply connect a faucet switching kit at each additional faucet you would like to use and just move the tank between the faucets.

This faucet switching kit only works with the old style EZ-FLO caps, will not work with these caps (IEZCAP or IEZCAPHI). 

EZ-FLO Faucet Switching Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Hose bib adapter (IEZBIB)
  • 1 x Low flow disc set (IEZDISC)
  • 2 x Nipple connectors (IEZNC)
  • 1 x Green connector nut
  • 1 x Blue connector nut
  • 5' of black tubing (IEZBLTUBE)
  • 5' of clear tubing (IEZCLTUBE)

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