EZ Fertilizer Capsule 15-2-3

EZ Fertilizer Capsule 15-2-3


Tired of all the mixing and mess involved with traditional ways of fertilizing and aren't ready to install a fertilizer injector, try EZ Fertilizer Capsules. The EZ Fertilizer Capsules are easy to install and are completely mess free!

EZ Fertilizer (15-2-3) will provide your plants with an organic blend of fertilizer for up to 90 days. Use with 1/4" supply line or 1/4" soaker dripline for targeted fertilization.

  • 100% recyclable material
  • No mix and no mess
  • 15-2-3 fertilizer blend
  • Formulated for a 1-10-gallon plant
  • 1/4" inlet and outlet

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