In most parts of the U.S., it's necessary to winterize irrigation systems, outdoor faucets and pipes to prevent burst pipes, freeze damage and other problems. In some milder parts of the country, it's possible to extend your growing season in the fall or plant earlier in the spring by winterizing your raised beds, gardens or fields. DripWorks carries a variety of winterization products for drip irrigation and gardens to make sure Ol' Man Winter doesn't take a bite out of your crops or your budget.

For winterization, sprinklers and other components of a watering system need to be shut off and drained so there's no water to freeze. Our flush valves and drain valves provide a simple, effective way to drain lines so they don't freeze during winter months. These valves also reduce particle buildup during warmer times.

We also carry frost-protection shields to protect your plants from frost, wind and other dangers. These provide a cost-effective way to extend your growing system. They can also protect seeds and seedlings from birds and other creatures.