Sprinkler to Drip Conversion

Stop Mowing and Start Growing!

Convert that unused water-guzzling pop-up sprinkler head to a water-sipping drip irrigation system. Use one of our all inclusive kits or do-it-yourself with individual parts, it's up to you! Both the 8-Way Sprinkler Conversion and 1/2" Sprinkler Conversion Kit offer an Add-On kit to double their coverage.

All of the individual conversion fittings have a 1/2" female pipe thread (FPT) inlet which allows them to connect directly to a 1/2" male pipe thread (MPT) riser, which is the most common size of sprinkler riser.

If your riser is 3/4" a threaded reducing coupler and a 1/2" riser can be used to convert it to 1/2".

View our Sprinkler to Drip Irrigation Conversion Guide.

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