PVC Glue and Accessories

Gluing PVC is typically required when joining two pieces of slip-fitting PVC. With screw-on pipes, thread tape is a good idea to prevent leaks. At DripWorks, we carry a selection of top-notch PVC glue, sealant tape and tools for drip irrigation to help you create leak-free connections.

Thread sealant tape and thread sealant pipe dope are used to make a watertight seal on pipe thread connections. Pipe dope should not be used around, or upstream of, automated valves because it may clog or damage them.

Our PVC glue/cement does not require primer and is used to make a watertight seal on PVC slip fittings. We also have PVC pipe cutters and replacement blades for cutting 1/2" or 3/4" Schedule 40 PVC pipe.

Maybe you have questions such as, can I use PVC glue with my drip irrigation? Well, we have answers. Call our friendly, knowledgeable staff weekdays for intelligent answers. We are also available via email for online support.