Home Garden Screen

Screen filters remove sediment and debris that can clog a drip system. These Home Garden Screen Filters are commonly used for small to medium size irrigation systems with a relatively clean water supply (municipal source or a clean well). Most of the filters on this page, unless noted otherwise, have hose threads and can be attached to a standard faucet or hose threaded timer.

The level of filtration depends on the mesh number of the screen. The higher the mesh number, the finer the screen. Most drip irrigation systems require a filtration of 120 - 150 mesh. Some products require a finer filtration of 200 mesh.

Important Notes About Filtration:

  • The sediment captured in a screen must be cleaned out periodically.
  • Y Type filters will operate longer between cleanings than Tee or Inline filters.
  • DripWorks recommends a filter on every irrigation system and will not warranty.
  • a system without an appropriate filter.
  • All filters on this page are not rated for constant pressure and must be installed after automated timers or valves. If you're looking for a screen filter that can operate under constant pressure, check out our Heavy Duty Filters .
  • We recommend using Hose Washer and O-Ring Lubricant (HLUBE) to prolong the lifespan of the o-ring and washer inside these filters.