Watering Trees and Shrubs Effectively

Watering Trees and Shrubs Effectively

Whether you're an orchardist, a landscaper, or a homeowner looking to install a few trees or shrubs, you may have questions how to water them effectively. Today we hope to answer a few of those questions and provide you with some options to that water-wasting wand you've been lugging around.

Pressure Compensating Emitters If you are "old school" and committed to using individual emitters, don't worry, you'll be just fine. Simply run your mainline past all of the trees that need watering, then branch off that line using an Easy Loc Tee or the Easy Loc x 1/4" barb fitting. Cut a length of 1/2" tubing long enough to circle the root ball, slide it onto the Easy Loc fitting, and lay it out around the tree. Close the end of the tubing with an Easy Loc End Cap then insert emitters every 2' or so as required and you're done. If you want, you can install a shutoff on this line using and Easy Loc inline valve.

Woodpecker Pressure Compensating Emitters These emitters work best in situations where you want very little fluctuation in the water delivered, regardless of the length of the run of tubing or the slope of the land. If you're planting on a rolling landscape, consider this emitter.

Emitter Tubing This is the most versatile product for trees and shrubs. Available with built-in emitters spaced every 9, 12, 18, 24, or 36 inches it is also pressure compensating, making it perfect for hilly terrain or long rows. Just install it onto the mainline using the Easy Loc Tee or Easy Loc x 1/4" barb fitting and expand the size of the loop as the tree grows.

Soaker Dripline Though not pressure-compensating, this 1/4" tubing is flexible, easy to install, and inexpensive and is available with built-in emitters spaced every 6, 9, or 12 inches. For low-pressure systems it is ideal, able to operate down to 2 PSI while continuing to provide a fairly even distribution. It is excellent for shrubs because it can be installed around the base of a plant with little effort. Pick up a roll of Soaker Dripline and I guarantee it will instantly become one of your favorite DripWorks products.

SuperNet PC Sprinklers If your trees require higher volumes of water but you don't want to sacrifice the benefits of equal water distribution, regardless of row length or elevation change, this is the product you want. As your trees grow, the spray pattern of this clog resistant and self-flushing sprinkler can be enlarged by changing out a small spinner at the top of the unit.

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