The Value of a Pond

The Value of a Pond

Installing your own water collection pond is a great way to irrigate smart, conserve water, save money, or simply create an impressive aesthetic in your life. With farmers and gardeners facing challenging drought conditions and increasing government regulations, DripWorks offers a solution with a great line of pond products to make your dream pond a reality.

Numerous orchards, vineyards, and farms are being irrigated with water collected over the rainy season, then stored for use when the weather turns hot and dry. And it's not only the big guys taking advantage of this growing trend. Ponds provide precious and valuable water for irrigation, stock watering, recreation, fishing, and even drinking!

During the winter, the majority of people fill their ponds with rain water or water from nearby streams or rivers (see local restrictions). Some gather enough water to get them through the entire summer, while others are simply looking to defray the cost of their municipal water bill or supplement their well that may have a history of running dry.

The pond liners we offer are made from two different materials, each with unique attributes that make them ideal for their application. The first is EPDM Pond Liners, a flexible rubber product best suited for smaller, irregularly shaped or decorative ponds. The second product is a Reinforced Polyethylene Pond Liner, best suited for larger ponds and reservoirs.

The reinforced poly liners are the strongest most flexible liners available. With a very high puncture resistance and tremendous tear strength, these liners last 20-25 years when covered. Reinforced Poly liners are custom cut to your exact measurements at the factory and shipped to your site within 3 business days of ordering. Field seaming by a factory technician for irregularly shaped or extremely large ponds is available.

EPDM liners are made from a soft, nontoxic, synthetic rubber material. This natural looking material is best for water gardens, waterfalls, and streams and is available in precut sizes, packaged and in stock at our warehouse.

Geotextile is a puncture resistance protective material that safeguards your poly or EPDM liner from damages when installing over a rocky surface. Unlike sand, it will adhere to the sides of a pond site before lining. Dripworks also recommends covering the perimeter of your pond liner with this puncture resistant fabric to provide a safer, non-slip surface and protects the pond liner's perimeter from the sun or from animal damage.

Whatever your need or reason for wanting a pond might be, now is the perfect time to explore your options. Our customer support staff is happy to work with you to determine the right products to create your perfect pond.

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