How to Use Soaker Dripline

How to Use Soaker Dripline

Soaker Dripline is a DripWorks' favorite! We love it and think you will too! We use it in our raised vegetable garden beds, both at home and in the demo garden. It's perfect for irrigating small plots such as flower and strawberry beds, and works great inside containers on patios or along walkways due to its incredible flexibility. Compliment your drip system with a battery timer, and you'll be able to automate your garden's irrigation needs to achieve reliable results wherever you grow.

Installing Soaker Dripline

Soaker Dripline is a versatile product, so several installation methods may be followed. Our favorite methods for installing Soaker Dripline are listed below.

For basic installation run the Soaker Dripline directly off a mainline. Begin by running your mainline tubing along each garden bed you wish to irrigate. Punch a hole in the mainline and insert a 1/4" Transfer Barb into the punched hole, then attach the Soaker Dripline to the transfer barb on the mainline. Finally, run the Soaker Dripline near your plants, staking it down as necessary with 3" Hold Downs,then cut it to the desired length and close it off with a Goof Plug. For the easiest installation use our Insert Tool to install the transfer barbs and goof plugs into the Soaker Dripline.

For a cleaner look, use Easy Loc Fittings to install Soaker Dripline in a raised garden bed. Begin by running the mainline tubing past each bed you wish to irrigate. Cut your mainline at the head of each bed and insert an Easy Loc Tee or Easy Loc  1/4" Barb fitting. Then, cut a short length of mainline and run it up the side of the raised bed. Next attach an Easy Loc Elbow to the tubing and aim it across the width of the bed. Attach a piece of mainline to the Elbow and run it across the bed. Close it off with a Figure 8 End fitting. Finally, use a 1/4" Micro Flow Valve with your Soaker Dripline to adjust or shut off the flow of water. Simply attaching a 1/4"Micro Flow Valve to your header (e.g. the mainline), and then attach your Soaker Dripline to the 1/4" Micro Flow Valve. We recommend this setup, because the 1/4" Micro Flow Valve gives you greater control over the flow of water to your plants. In addition, this fitting allows you to shut off specific drip lines once a crop has been harvested.

If saving water, growing great plants, and ease of installation are important to you, Soaker Dripline is sure to be a favorite.

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