Gravity Fed Low Pressure Systems

Gravity Fed Low Pressure Systems

Do you garden at a location where there is very low water pressure (less than 10 PSI)? Is your water source a tank that is 20 feet or less above the surface of your garden? Do you collect rainwater off your roof and store it? Then DripWorks has several products that can help you put together an effective gravity-fed toolkit.

Very few timers can operate with less than 10 PSI. That's where our new Toro Zero Pressure Timer comes in. It allows you to run a drip irrigation system at extremely low pressures, handles up to 9 gallons per minute, and will work up to one year on two AA batteries. If you're looking to automate a gravity-fed system, this should go in the top tray of your toolkit.

If you've been following the Mainline, you know that our Soaker Dripline is one of the best tools in any gravity-fed system. This product is a flexible, 1/4" poly tubing with built-in emitters spaced every 6", 9", or 12" apart, and works well down to 2 PSI. It's ideal for watering border gardens, straight rows, containers, or circling small trees, tomatoes, berries, or decorative bushes.

These basic emitters are very popular, low cost, work well at low pressures, and can be taken apart for cleaning. As with most non-pressure compensating products the Take-Apart Emitters' actual flows will vary slightly depending on your water pressure.

Pot Drippers are basic container emitters available in .5 and 1 gallon per hour ratings and incorporate a 2" stake to hold it in place. Best suited for medium size pots, it's a good idea to keep a few of these around for any younger plantings you might wish to add to your deck or container garden.

Our lowest flow single outlet emitter, the Mini-Quart Dripper works best for smaller containers. Perfect for those small starts and newly established plantings that need just a little water to keep them going.

Use Mini-Inline Emitters with 1/4" poly tubing when you have unevenly spaced plants or want to add extra water to an existing run of Soaker Dripline to catch a larger, thirstier plant somewhere along the way.

Tip: In general we recommend sizing up when it comes to supply lines and emitter output. This will reduce friction loss over your system and help maintain your existing pressure.

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