Governor Brown Demands 25% Water Reduction

Governor Brown Demands 25% Water Reduction

As most of you know, with the snowpack at a record low in the Sierra Mountains, California Governor Jerry Brown has ordered a 25% statewide reduction in water usage. What you might not know, is drip irrigation can reduce water usage in your lawn and garden by 30-50%. If you want to do something to reduce your water usage, immediately, DripWorks can help. This is not bluster. This is fact.

By placing the water exactly where it is needed, drip irrigation reduces water usage to a fraction of conventional watering techniques. So put aside that watering wand and convert that water-guzzling sprinkler system to a drip irrigation system.

Start saving water, time, and money today.

Don't know anything about drip irrigation? No problem. Our complete kits are the fastest, easiest way to convert your garden, field, or landscape to a water efficient drip irrigation.

Still have questions? The DripWorks Call Center is open 6 am to 6 pm PST, Monday through Friday and 6 am to Noon on Saturday. Our friendly, knowledgeable representatives are ready to answer those questions and help you get started right away. Call 800.522.3747 or email us at Save Water!

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