Easy Loc Fittings are Truly Easy

Easy Loc Fittings are Truly Easy

Remember when setting up a drip irrigation system was a struggle? Not any more. Setting up your new drip system is a snap with Easy Loc Fittings. No more sore hands or wrists, and Easy Locs hold very well at higher pressures—up to 50 PSI. Plus, Easy Loc Fittings are faster and easier to use than compression or barbed fittings too!

Making changes or adding to your drip system is a breeze when using Easy Loc Fittings. Start each drip line with an Easy Loc Female Hose Beginning connected to your faucet assembly. Then use an Easy Loc coupler or Easy Loc Tee to increase the size of your irrigation system. Always get a few extras for expanding your drip system in the future—you can even reuse them!

The Easy Loc x 1/4" Barb Fitting is one of the coolest Easy Loc Fittings. This fitting is used to tee off your Mainline Tubing. The flow through the 1/4" barb is around 80 gallons per hour so it can often replace a "T" fitting. Our 1/2" Easy Loc Tee and 3/4" Easy Loc Reducing Tee are both excellent for branching off your mainline too (e.g. in order to circle a tree with 1/2" Emitter Tubing). However, substituting Easy Loc x 1/4" Barbs (EL14B) for tees is a more economical method that works just as well—provided a Hold Down Stake is placed near the connection to add stability and to prevent leakage to your line.

Once you've used the Easy Loc Fittings you'll never regret it. We use them in our demonstration garden and all of our Irrigation Kits. We wouldn't think of using anything else!

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