Bio-Blue Microbe-Lift

Bio-Blue Microbe-Lift

    • This product has been discontinued.

What is Bio-Blue Microbe-Lift?

Bio-Blue Microbe-Lift safely colors water to a beautiful shade of blue while improving the water quality. Bio-Blue contains enzymes that assist beneficial bacteria in removing excess nutrients that feed algae and cause pond eutrophication.

Bio-Blue Microbe-Lift's Benefits:

  • Digests organic waste
  • Reduces noxious odors
  • Mixes completely in hours
  • Decreases UV ray penetration
  • Makes off-color water more appealing
  • Safe for humans, plants and aquatic life
  • No restrictions on swimming, irrigating or fishing
  • Adds enzymes that assist in creating a healthy pond
  • Once diluted, will not stain birds,fish, or most 
  • concrete fountains or pond rocks
Bio-Blue Application Rates
Pond Size 1st Application
250 gallons 0.5 ounce
500 gallons 1 ounces
1000 gallons 2 ounces

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