Customer Testimonials

"I love their products. They make it easy to configure a system to water whatever you want to grow. They have quality products and I have always been happy with my order!"
Patti F.

"Been using their products for 10-12 years now."
Dwayne B.

"Great products! Been using them for over 7 years."
Fernando M.

"Dripworks is such an awesome company I’ve been ordering stuff for years from Detroit, Michigan! I love them. "
Tim M.

"Used this system last year for the first time because I had problems with mold spores on my squash, pumpkin and cubes in the past. using this system cut the mold down 75% because the water only goes in the ground, not on the plants. Love it!"
Beverly M.

"Just installed a kit on my small garden. It was very easy to do and the results are excellent. Bring on the dog days of summer! "
Karen O.

"Great irrigation kits for gardeners and small vegetable farmers. A wide selection of modular components create any irrigation system one could want. Timers work great, as do filtration and pressure regulators. Dripworks even offers an interactive, web-based garden planning guide specific to your geographic location."
Jim Z.

"Drip irrigation is the only way to go in Texas!"
Patti F.

"Quality merchandise that is hard to find elsewhere. We love the 1/2" Emitter Tubing and Easy Lock Fittings!"
Andrea M.

"We have always used a drip watering system in our yard! Once it is set up it is virtually fool proof! It uses so much less water, and all the water goes on the plants!"
Marie L.

"I also use Dripworks system on my roses very satisfied with their system!!."
Mike P.

"Drip irrigation is the way to go. Super easy to install and maintain."
Rene G.

"Installed a large system over the past 2 weekends. Great to work with!"
Dan H.

"I've used this for years. It saves time, money & weed pulling, because the water goes to the plant roots."
Betty C.

"I love my drip works!"
Debbie T.

"Love my drip works very easy to install"
Mark H.

"And if Dripworks needs any credentials, you can say your products are being used to support one of the newest blueberry producers in Greene County, Missouri."
Steve H. - Saint Charles, MO

"Last year I purchased my first system from your company for 21 blueberry bushes. I used a Heart of the Garden kit, Rose and Shrub kit and a couple of extra shrubblers. The system worked great and made watering this blueberry bed much easier. Since I had such success last year, I would like to add a system on the other side of my yard."
Louis D. - Chambersburg, PA

"The work was well worth the water savings and peace of mind knowing your precious garden is always perfectly watered."
Burke D. - Woodland, CA

"We are so impressed... both with the ease of installation and how much time and water we save in using it. One raised strawberry bed about 4' by 20' produced 32 quarts of berries this year!"
Jane E. - Fanwood, NJ

"This is the third year of using the drip tape system in my backyard urban garden. I have never had such productivity since installing the fertilizer injector system into the watering mix. Thanks for great water conserving products."
Dallas H. - Logan, UT

"Dripworks took care of my garden when I was on vacation this year for most of the month of June. Usually we don't leave for extended periods of time in the summer months but this year we had an opportunity to go on a European River Cruise. I was fretting about how to keep my garden looking good while we were away and DRIPWORKS was the answer! Look what I came back to after three weeks away - my deck flowers are thriving. I think they may be even happier than when I am here tending them as I sometimes forget to water. This system not only saves me time, but has eliminated the need to haul heavy hoses or watering cans to my second story deck. My husband was dubious that I could route the hoses so they are inconspicuous; I have a few adjustments to make but it was easy to install and you can barely notice the line running along the bottom of the top deck rail. Thanks DripWorks for the Plant Babysitting Service!"
Karen M. - Manzanita, OR

"Not only has DripWorks saved me water, it also has saved me lots of time in watering my 10 raised beds and more by hand."
Tim C. - Holland, MI

"I have finally found a drip system that doesn't waste water! I couldn't believe how efficient my drip system was this year!"
John H. - San Diego, CA

"My DripWorks system is critical to the success of my garden and I rely on it greatly since there is no way I could reasonably hand water all these rose bushes that require a lot of water in the Georgia heat."
Cindy D. - Peachtree City, GA

"Thanks to DripWorks t-tape and agribon row cover, I was able to transplant seedlings early in the season and keep the plants protected from the harsh sun and wind until harvest day. We had no rain through the month of June, and DripWorks t-tape enabled my seeds and plants to thrive."
Lisa J. - Pagosa Springs, CO

"My first garden season using Drip Works, unbelievable results and so much easier than standing for 3 hours with garden hose."
Francis C. - Morrice, MI

"Thank you for your products. They've helped immensely with my 24/7 farm hand schedule. The irrigation enables me to be even more efficient with my home/practice garden. These drip lines are the perfect set up for a homesteader."
James C. - Honeoye Falls, NY

"My husband and I were just talking about how much we are impressed with your products and how we wouldn't have had a garden at all without DripWorks this year. We are about 9" below on rainfall."
Beth W. - Lindale, TX

"In the background is our high-tunnel with blackberry plants that have been watered with DripWorks irrigation systems since planting in the spring of 2011. We have had two seasons of very nice harvests that were ahead of all the outdoor blackberry crops so we have enjoyed no competition and nice prices. Underground drip tapes means the plants have never been wet by irrigation water so the berries are disease free without the need for even NOP approved fungicides. I am so glad I learned about Dripworks when I started farming! The systems have really been a great help."
Ken L. - Memphis, TN

"I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I are very happy with the boots. They are high quality, fit perfectly, and were delivered quickly."
Debbie V. - Willits, CA

"Our 2012 total harvest from all three sites was 4,527 pounds. A productive year made possible, given the drought, by your drip irrigation systems. Thanks and all the best."
Robert N. - Chicago, IL

"I'm having the most amazing harvest of fall lettuce, turnips, beets, radishes, carrots, cabbages, kohlrabi, and brussels sprouts this year. Your sprayers, dripline, and T-tape have made it all possible. Thanks! Pics of my garden and some irrigation shots at my blog"
James W. - Kansas City, KS

"With the drought this year my pepper crop wouldn't have been possible without your drip systems installed as I don't have the time to self water the big garden - auto timer and waters at 5am for me every X days based on how dry & temps. I've been making hot sauces with every variety and drying in the dehydrator to grind up for seasonings! Both perfect for gift giving. Varities include: Pretty Purple, Yellow Scotch Bonnet, Bishops Crown, Ghost, Black Pearl, Tabasco, White Habanero, Red Caribbean Habanero, Jalapeno, Fatali & Jamaican Hot Choc Habanero. Thanks again for all your great products and advice!"
Peggy Y. - Upper Sandusky, OH

Check out this great blog post that DripWorks Customer in drought hit Oklahoma has to say about the benefits of Drip Irrigation!

"Appreciate the quick turnaround and quality products. You'll hear more from me as I add to this system."
Dan C.

We asked our fans on Facebook:

My favorite product from DripWorks is the __________, because it helps me save __________.

Here are their replies:

1. Easy Loc coupler with valve..saves me a lot of water by being able to turn on and off the beds individually.
2. Phone support, because it helps me save hours of aggravation trying to figure out what I need from the catalog!
3. Drip Tape, because it helps me save TIME (no more dragging hoses).
4. My favorite product from DripWorks is the drip tubing because it helps me save money and a LOT of time on watering my garden.
5. Drip Tape, because it saves both water and pumping expense.
6. My favorite product from DripWorks is Drip Tape & timers, because they help prevent accidental draining of our water tank.

"I just wanted to let you know that I placed an order with DripWorks and was very pleased with the service. The customer service rep was helpful and identified which parts I needed to make the system work. One of the items broke after a week of use and the response to fix the situation was immediate. Too often I think people tend to focus on the bad and don't provide positive feedback when the experience is good. Overall, I would give you guys an "A" for the ordering and return processes."
D.M. - Oregon, IL

"I got your link from a site I believe was called the big pumpkin growers. The writer stated that your site had excellent customer service and after your assistance I have to agree. I will order the systems you referenced. Most growers down in my part of the country, NE Texas, had the same problem with the heat as I did last year and I have been telling them about your site. Most people have never heard of the fogging method before, so if they do not want to listen now, then this summer using drip in my garden maybe I can make a believer of them. Once again thank you very much for your assistance."
R.R. - Texas

"I saved so much water with the DripWorks irrigation system, fertilizer add-on is very easy to use, and the timer automates it all. The customer service is always a human voice and knowledgeable."
S.S. - Charlotte, NC
"I've placed several orders in the last few years with DripWorks. I have an irrigation setup that covers two large raised beds and an extensive container garden. Without prior experience I was easily able to create a setup that handles daily watering chores for me, keeps plants healthy and allows me to take vacations without worrying about what will happen to the plants. DripWorks' prices are reasonable, their catalog has an extensive array of useful equipment and they deliver promptly. My one direct experience with customer service was good, as the representative was very helpful in advising me what I would need in setting up an irrigation system. Highly recommended.
Eric - Columbus, OH
"I buy from ten different mail order seed, nursery and garden suppliers. Your service and shipping speed are head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. Great Work!"
R.L. - Pahrump, NV
"Thank you for offering such high quality products. Our landscaping looks beautiful with thriving and lush shrubs, roses and many perennials because of our DripWorks system. I love the 1/2" and 1/4" emitter tubings; easy to install, and NEVER any leaks thanks to your Easy Loc fittings. Even our professional landscapers are impressed!"
P.D. -Santa Fe, NM
"I bought a DripWorks package last spring to water my window boxes. It was easy to install and saved me the aggravation of carrying water to my window boxes or dragging a hose to them. As a result, my window boxes held up really well because they didn't have periods of neglect as has happened in other years. Loved it!"
J.F. - Westford, VT
"I purchased a kit from DripWorks for my porch, which is expansive and has many hanging baskets and plant boxes. I could not be more thrilled with the results and the ease of installation!! I had a hard time keeping up with watering during the hot summers and I got sick of checking my planters only to find most had wilted beyond restoration. After I received the kit and I began to set up the system, I was thrilled on how quick I set it up. Within 3 to 4 hours my whole porch was installed with a timer waiting for me to push the start button. Since then, my plants have never looked so good all season long; including when I am away on vacation. No more asking friends to water for me and hope they can stop by before wilting. Now my neighbor has your catalog after I told her how easy it was. You have a great product and now a very loyal customer!"
S.F. - Midlothian, IL
"I purchased enough tubing and emitters to do about 1/2 of my garden. The system is working wonderfully. All of the plants are healthy and producing well. I don't have near the weed problems since I am not watering the entire garden. The system was easy to install and easy to operate. Just turn it on and sit back and rest. Being able to water my plants on a regular basis seems to make my plants grow better. It is also easier to keep small transplants from wilting during the first few weeks so they can get established. I have gotten the most eggplants per plant that I have ever gotten and the bell peppers are doing well. The tomatoes are chest high and loaded with tomatoes: just waiting for them to get ripe. They don't have near the blossom end rot caused by over watering. I am enjoying your product."
C.M - Pinebluff, AR
"I gotta say, I'm just so impressed with DripWorks as a company. I've always been pleased with your service and quick delivery. You go above and beyond my expectations every time and I'm so glad there are companies like yours left in the world!!"
S.S - Portland, OR