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Irrigation Kits
Garden Bed Garden Bed
Drip Tape Row Crop Drip Tape Row Crop
Indoor Garden Indoor Garden
Sprinkler to Drip Conversion Sprinkler to Drip Conversion
Individual Plant Individual Plant
Deck Garden Deck Garden
Rose & Shrub Rose & Shrub
Greenhouse & Misting Greenhouse & Misting
Drip Irrigation Products
Backflow Prevention Backflow Prevention
Drip Tape Drip Tape
Aqua-Traxx Tape (Large Rolls) Aqua-Traxx Tape (Large Rolls)
Discrete Emitter Tape (Large Rolls) Discrete Emitter Tape (Large Rolls)
Dripworks Drip Tape (100' Rolls) Dripworks Drip Tape (100' Rolls)
Drip Tape Row Crop Drip Tape Row Crop
5/8 5/8" Tape Fittings
Drippers/Emitters Drippers/Emitters
Basic Drip Emitters Basic Drip Emitters
Pressure Compensating Emitters Pressure Compensating Emitters
Fertilizer Injectors Fertilizer Injectors
EZ-FLO Fertilizer Injectors EZ-FLO Fertilizer Injectors
EZ-FLO Replacement Parts EZ-FLO Replacement Parts
Mazzei Fertilizer Injectors Mazzei Fertilizer Injectors
MixRite Fertilizer Injectors  MixRite Fertilizer Injectors
Add-it Fertilizer Injector Add-it Fertilizer Injector
Fertilizers and Soil Amendments Fertilizers and Soil Amendments
Fertilizers and Composting Fertilizers and Composting
Fertilizers and Soil Amendments Fertilizers and Soil Amendments
Vital Garden Supply Fertilizers (Organic) Vital Garden Supply Fertilizers (Organic)
Bat Guano Fertilizer<br />(Organic) Bat Guano Fertilizer

Grow More Fertilizers<br />(Water Soluble) Grow More Fertilizers
(Water Soluble)

Composting Composting
Filters Filters
Home Garden Screen Filters Home Garden Screen Filters
Heavy Duty Screen Filters (Amiad) Heavy Duty Screen Filters (Amiad)
Disc Filters (Arkal) Disc Filters (Arkal)
Sand Media Filters Sand Media Filters
Fittings Fittings
1/2 1/2" Easy Loc&trade; Fittings
3/4 3/4" Easy Loc&trade; Fittings
1 1" Easy Loc&trade; Fittings
1/2 1/2" Compression Fittings
3/4 3/4" Compression Fittings
5/8 5/8" Tape Fittings
1/4 1/4" Micro Fittings
1/8 1/8" Micro Fittings
PVC Fittings PVC Fittings
PVC Couplings PVC Couplings
PVC Flex Couplings PVC Flex Couplings
PVC Repair Couplings PVC Repair Couplings
 "No Glue" PVC Lock Fittings
PVC Elbows PVC Elbows
PVC Tees and Crosses PVC Tees and Crosses
PVC Bushings and Adapters PVC Bushings and Adapters
PVC Nipples PVC Nipples
PVC Caps and Plugs PVC Caps and Plugs
PVC Unions and Tank Adapters PVC Unions and Tank Adapters
Ball Valves Ball Valves
PVC Glue and Accessories PVC Glue and Accessories
Barbed Fittings Barbed Fittings
Hose Clamps Hose Clamps
Garden Hose Fittings Garden Hose Fittings
Hose to Pipe Adapter Fittings Hose to Pipe Adapter Fittings
Manifolds Manifolds
Gauges and Meters Gauges and Meters
Greenhouse Irrigation Greenhouse Irrigation
Overhead Watering <br />(Spray/Mist) Overhead Watering

Container Watering<br />(Drip/Spray) Container Watering

Greenhouse Timers<br />(Battery/Electric) Greenhouse Timers

Hold Downs Hold Downs
Irrigation Kits Irrigation Kits
Misters Misters
Punches Punches
Pressure Regulators Pressure Regulators
Sprayers Sprayers
Sprayers Sprayers
Adjustable Sprayers Adjustable Sprayers
Sprinklers Sprinklers
Ag./Garden Sprinklers Ag./Garden Sprinklers
Garden Sprinklers Garden Sprinklers
Press-Fit Sprinklers<br />(Ein Dor and Wing) Press-Fit Sprinklers
(Ein Dor and Wing)

Pressure Compensating Sprinklers Pressure Compensating Sprinklers
Lawn Sprinklers Lawn Sprinklers
Matched Precipitation Lawn Sprinklers <br />(Low Volume) Matched Precipitation Lawn Sprinklers
(Low Volume)

Conventional Lawn Sprinklers Conventional Lawn Sprinklers
Sprinkler To Drip Conversion Sprinkler To Drip Conversion
Stakes and Risers Stakes and Risers
Timers Timers
Battery Timers Battery Timers
High End Battery <br />(DC) Timers High End Battery
(DC) Timers

Electronic (AC) Timers Electronic (AC) Timers
Solar Timers Solar Timers
Wind-Up Timers Wind-Up Timers
NEW Galcon <br />Timers and Valves NEW Galcon
Timers and Valves

Battery (DC) Valves<br />and Accessories Battery (DC) Valves
and Accessories

Electronic (AC) Valves<br /> and Accessories Electronic (AC) Valves
and Accessories

Automatic Distribution Valves Automatic Distribution Valves
Direct Burial Wire Direct Burial Wire
Wire Connectors Wire Connectors
Tubing (Mainline and Emitter) Tubing (Mainline and Emitter)
Tubing Tubing
1/4 1/4" Soaker Dripline
1/2 1/2" Emitter Tubing
Oval Hose&trade; Oval Hose&trade;
IPS Tubing IPS Tubing
Valves (Battery and Electric) Valves (Battery and Electric)
Battery (DC) Valves<br />and Accessories Battery (DC) Valves
and Accessories

Electronic (AC) Valves<br /> and Accessories Electronic (AC) Valves
and Accessories

Automatic Distribution Valves Automatic Distribution Valves
Direct Burial Wire Direct Burial Wire
Wire Connectors Wire Connectors
Winterization Winterization
Greenhouses & High Tunnels
High Tunnels (ClearSpan) High Tunnels (ClearSpan)
Greenhouses (Solexx) Greenhouses (Solexx)
Solexx Greenhouse Accessories Solexx Greenhouse Accessories
Greenhouse Irrigation Greenhouse Irrigation
Gardening Tools and Gifts
Felco Pruners & Accessories Felco Pruners & Accessories
Fiskars Gardening Tools Fiskars Gardening Tools
Gardening Accessories Gardening Accessories
Barebones Gardening Tools Barebones Gardening Tools
Gardening Gloves Gardening Gloves
Gift Certificate Gift Certificate
Additional Garden Products
Fertilizers and Composting Fertilizers and Composting
Gardening Accessories Gardening Accessories
Magnetic Water Conditioning Magnetic Water Conditioning
Rain Catchment & Greywater Rain Catchment & Greywater
Raised Beds Raised Beds
Row Cover (Agribon&trade;) Row Cover (Agribon&trade;)
Smart Pot&reg; Fabric Containers Smart Pot&reg; Fabric Containers
Weed Barrier Fabric Weed Barrier Fabric
Bio Paper Bio Paper
Soaker Hose Soaker Hose
Soil Testing Soil Testing
Pond Liners & Pond Care
EPDM Rubber Pond Liners EPDM Rubber Pond Liners
EPDM Rubber Pond Liners  EPDM Rubber Pond Liners
EPDM Rubber Repair Products  EPDM Rubber Repair Products
Reinforced Polyethylene Liners Reinforced Polyethylene Liners
Geotextile Protective Material Geotextile Protective Material
Pond Care Products Pond Care Products
Clearance Products
Gallery of Plans Gallery of Plans
Row Crops Row Crops
Framed / Raised Beds Framed / Raised Beds
Orchards / Vineyards  Orchards / Vineyards
Containers Containers
Bushes / Shrubs Bushes / Shrubs
Gravity Fed Gravity Fed
Landscapes Landscapes
Square Foot Square Foot
Unframed Beds Unframed Beds
Free Drip Planning Guide Free Drip Planning Guide
Calculators Calculators
Flow Estimator Flow Estimator
Pond Liner Estimator Pond Liner Estimator
Fertilizer Estimator Fertilizer Estimator
Drip Tape Estimator  Drip Tape Estimator
Drip Tape Drip Tape
The Mainline Blog The Mainline Blog
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