Deep Drip Tree Watering Stakes

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These watering stakes are a perfect way to promote root growth of trees and small shrubs. The deep drip stakes deliver water directly to the roots.

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Saturating the soil at a deep level will promote a tree's root system to send its roots down. Trees are more likely to survive long dry periods and be better anchored during extreme winds. If you have trees next to pathways, sidewalks, patios, or driveways, promoting a deep root system will prevent the common cracking and buckling of the surface area.

  • Conserves water, prevents runoff, and erosion
  • Aerates the soil, promotes deeper rooting
  • You can easily add fertilizer into the shaft
  • Internal filter to keep roots and rocks out
  • Easy to drive the stake into the soil
  • UV protected slotted cap for drip tubing
  • Durable and strong shaft with reinforced ABS tip
  • 14" stake is used for small trees, shrubs, rose bushes
  • 24" stake is used for average trees, fruit trees
  • When planting on a slope, deep drip stakes drive the water deep, not down hill
  • An emitter can be used to measure the amount of water added to the stake.

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